directed by Daniele De Michele

film | Italia | 62′ | 2021


Desperate, penniless, fragile artists with an obvious sense of worthlessness, trying to make it.make it…
When everything reopened in August 2020, after months of confinement in the house, the artists were the only ones who did not resume their work normally. In the time of a year and a half, in and outside the lockdown, Donpasta recounts his daily life intertwined with that of an unemployed set designer, a musician without unemployed set designer, a musician without a show, a peasant poet, documenting the way they have survived an external and internal conflict. They felt that in this crisis fragile things would risk disappearing. They needed an idea to get out of the murky waters and that’s how they became… Seafarers.


Written by Daniele De Michele with the friendly collaboration of Agostino Ferrente
Directed by Daniele De Michele

With Giulia Bonaldi, Daniele Sepe and Modesto Silvestri
Narrator: Fabrizio Gifuni
Assistant Director: Davide Di Gandolfo
Music: Daniele Sepe, Andrea Tartaglia, Gnut, Marco Bardoscia Trio, Marco
Messina, Sacha Ricci, Tobia Lamare, Daniele De Michele, Davide Della Monica
Images: Daniele De Michele and Antonello Carbone
Editing: Aline Hervé
Sound editing and mix: Marco Saitta
Colour grading: Simona Infante
Assistant Director: Simona Bua
Production assistant: Claudia Sacco

Production Apulia Film Commission and Fondazione Con il Sud within the project “Social Film Production con il Sud”.
Executive Producer: Audioimage
In partnership with Arci Movie and Fermenti Lattici
Produced by Antonio Borrelli, Daniele De Michele, Davide Mastropaolo



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